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Dr. Geeta Sukhija


College time is unanimously considered to be the golden period of one’s life. But the phrase “golden period” is interpreted in two diametrically opposite senses by different people. While some people call it “golden” because they could make ‘masti’, others call it so because they could make their ‘hasti’(powerful personality) during this period. Both experience and common sense tend to endorse the fact that the second view is saner, and needs to be followed by all right-thinking people because if making masti, rather than making hasti, is taken as the goal of education by the students, it will have disastrous consequences for students careers as well as the well-being of society and the nation. But it is painful to acknowledge the fact that a sizable number of college students tend to endorse the first point of view. They come to college flaunting the costliest possible costumes, accessories, mobile sets, vehicles, etc. that their families can afford (rather forced to afford), but they indulge in all activities other than attending the classes or participating in other co-curricular activities. They tend to use the college campus as a fun park having no entry fee. While the current statistics are not available, according to a study done by Ghuman, Singh, and Brar, the per student recurring cost of Government Colleges in India in 2005 was Rs. 12,053/-. From this statistic, it can be easily surmised that the present per student recurring and non-recurring cost of a Government College of an economically affluent State like Haryana must be hovering around 1.5 lakh. A student who does not make the proper use of such a huge national expenditure being incurred on him/ her is committing a heinous crime against the nation. Such students must also realize the fact that they are among the luckiest 10% of the present day youth of India who have access to college education. In a way, it will be an unpardonable sin in the eyes of God to use this pious blessing in a licentious manner as they are doing at present. In majority of the cases, the parents have to undergo a lot many hardships to enable their wards to get the college education. It goes without saying that a student who habitually partakes in various types of pleasure-seeking activities at the cost of his studies/ activities for personality development is virtually showing the worst type of disrespect and ingratitude that a ward can show to his/ her parents. But above all, such a student is obviously indulging in an act similar to the foolish wood-cutter who was cutting the very branch of the tree on which he was sitting. Barring a few dishonorable exceptions here and there, such ‘mastikhor’ students invariably end up adopting the same low-paid and socially disrespectful careers that their unfortunate 90% counterparts (those who did not have access to college education) have to adopt. I wish to use the present opportunity to call upon all the students of this college to religiously use the college time for making their careers by participating in all the academic and the co-curricular activities organized by the college for the overall development of their personalities, instead of marring their careers by wasting their time on short-term enjoyments because this undesirable habit is sure to lead them into dark alleys of their careers. Principal (Dr.Geeta Sukhija )